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  • Import and export services


    Our services

    To get products in and out of Bosnia and into and from the European Union we can take over the complete administration for customs to create a worry free business environment.

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  • Flexible, reliable logistics


    Our services

    Our process is designed on the principles of a modern production technology, where serial and individual production flows are simultaneously planned throughout the factory. We have shipments leave our factory several times a week. We can guarantee maximum flexibility and reliability.

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  • Purchasing for your project


    Our services

    We can do all the purchasing for your project, to ease your risks and lower your stock costs.

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  • On site installation


    Our services

    We are a full service organization and we can even fully install your product at your site.

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  • Project management


    Our services

    Designated project managers keep an eye on the complete process from start to finish.

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    Import and export services
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    Flexible, reliable logistics
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    Purchasing for your project
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    On site installation
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    Project management

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